Aluminium Doors

IAP Building solutions instrumental in bringing to you standard Aluminium Doors that can replace traditional door units. Designed and manufactured with broad expense of glass, these Aluminium Doors are of finest quality. Adding a sophisticated look to your home decors, this line of Aluminium Doors provides undeterred outdoor view and aids the passage of natural light into the room. Suitable for furnishing your homes, business houses, shopping malls etc., this range is offered to our clients at leading market rates.

The range of Aluminium Doors offered by us includes :

  • Aluminium Bi Fold
  • Aluminium Hinged Doors
  • Aluminium Sliding Doors
  • Aluminium Swing Doors


galvanized steel security door with treated veneer skin cover of different colour. Approved by Israeli standard institute


  • Multi- bolt lock with geometric locking mechanism to secure each bolt individually.  
  • Security lock, telescopic peep hole, and door stopper.  
  • Thermal / Acoustic insulation  
  • Steel; door frames with rubber bottom seal.  
  • Varieties decorative colors and finish.  
  • Available in fire rated, bullet proof, steel store door and force resistance
  • Made in isreal.
  • Available in 750×2100, 900×2100,1000×2100 1200×2100,1200×2400, 1800×2100



  • Steel wood structure, with heavy property of solid wood cover
  • Doors face steel plate and burglarproof frame work.
  • It has thickened edge and functions of heat preservation and sound insulation
  • Thickness of door reaches 80mm
  • It has original four sides cover mold designs
  • Available in 4 inches frame 
  • Available in 900×2100, 1200×2100, 900×2400, 1200×2400, 1500×2100, 1500×2400, 1800×2100
    1. multi-lock system 
    2. durable and heavy,
    3. bullet proof element



  1. Elegant and durability. 
  2. Available in satin chrome, bronze, gold etc.
  3. All design is available in plate form or exclusion.

TURKISH Security door

Entrance and back door security door available in 900×2100,1200×2100 with adjustable is steel plate cover with front sectional thick veneer wood finish.